HAD Technologies

In accordance with the 8th National Development Plan, which emphasized on the development of human resource development and ability, and the utilization of information technology (IT) development, there has been an increasing demand in Brunei drives for technological advancement in both the government and the private sectors. Therefore, H.A.D. Technologies took this opportunity to propose a Complete IT Solution, whereby the company delivers a completely customizable IT solution, distribution of software, implementation of basic IT training, corporate training (by arrangement), system and website design, to support business or other general process quickly and cost-effectively.


  • To provide Complete IT solutions and services using high quality product and reliable technical support to meet client demand and needs.
  • To provide the needed IT education ,certification and skills that ties in with the demand of ever-advancing technology.
  • To contribute in Brunei’s drives in developing and realizing e-Brunei.
  • To produce more IT certified citizens to implement and maintain advance IT system.
  • The company visualized in becoming the leading firm in delivering Complete IT Solution Provider. To be know in providing specialized solutions and reliable technical support. To obtain partnership to the leading IT companies in other countries.